Thursday, 7 March 2013

Ten Sleeping Tips for Pregnant Women

During pregnancy, sleep challenges are common due to body’s reaction to hormonal changes. Sleep of pregnant women is mostly interrupted by frequent bathroom visit, muscle cramps and baby’s movement.  Here are 10 tips to improve routine of sleep during pregnancy.

Sleeping position during pregnancy

  • First trimester: From the very beginning of first pregnancy trimester you must start to sleep on your left. This position improves blood circulation and facilitates smooth flow of nutrients to your foetus. For more comfort, you can also keep extra pillows under your belly and between the knees.
  • Second trimester: During second trimester, sleeping with elevating head and neck is more comfortable. Besides being comfortable this position also prevent stomach acid to come up.
  • Third trimester: Avoid lying on your back for longer durations. Sleeping on the left side is recommended in third trimester as this position facilitates blood flow to your foetus and uterus.

Avoid Taking Stress

Taking stress can prevent good night sleep. If you are worried about anything then talk to your partner, family members or doctor about it. Taking help of counsellor can also help to get rid of anxiety and stress during pregnancy.

Take a Nap during Day

Just sleeping in night is not sufficient for pregnant women. Try to take nap during day for preventing fatigue.

Create Comfortable Environment

Ensure that you sleep in a comfortable environment. For instance, soft bed and comfortable room temperature are important for sound sleep.

Watch what you eat

  • For preventing insomnia completely avoid caffeine and alcohol.
  • Take frequent meals for avoiding feeling of nausea.  

Stay Hydrated

Drink lots of fluids during the daytime. However, it is important to avoid them during evening hours and night for minimising frequency of urination in night.

Keep Check on Heartburns

In order to avoid heartburns during pregnancy you must sleep with your head elevated on pillow. Avoiding spicy and fried food can also help in relieving the heartburns.

Sleeping Routine

Follow same sleep routine on daily basis. Going to bed and waking up at the same time each day facilitates sound sleep. You can also develop a relaxing routine before doing to bed. For instance, reading, listening light music and taking bath before sleep are helpful.

Relaxation Techniques

Relaxation techniques such as deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation and guided imagery are helpful for sound sleep.

Take Professional Help

Talk to your doctor if you find that your insomnia is getting out of your control.

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